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The Path of Teamwork: Out of the Darkness . . .

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Studying sports fanaticism for my memoir taught me a lot about fanaticism across the whole American landscape, especially considering my research took place during the 2016 presidential election cycle. Just like being part of a football team’s fan base, when you’re part of any “tribe,” you belong with passion. For extreme sports fans, that passion [...]

#Teamwork: What, you thought it was easy?!

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Having grown up in the belly of the NFL beast on my father’s coattails, I developed strong, mixed feelings about football. Not unlike any father/son relationship, it’s a complicated story. But my grievances aside, the old man knew a thing or two about teamwork. He shared this lesson once [MORE]

Teamwork without boundaries

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My friend and colleague Dr. Ralph Kilmann, author of Quantum Organizations and The Courageous Mosaic among other texts, says that the greatest human invention is the organization. It’s the tool for getting meaningful things accomplished. Translating Dr. Kilmann’s belief into my own vocabulary, I agree with him: Teamwork is the greatest human invention. I will [...]

One Important Part . . .

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Here in the Born Fanatic space, the theme is always team, where everyone is an important part of something greater than themselves. I like to focus on the something greater, the goal teammates work to achieve, the adversity they join to overcome. But today is one of those days to celebrate an example of someone [...]

Why Sports?

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You know an ocean of advertising money gets poured into sports. You also know advertisers use particular hooks to get the biggest bang for their buck. It’s likely no surprise to you, then, that advertisers do a lot of research about those hooks. The subject of that research is you and me. One of the [...]

Still BIRG*ing . . .

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* BIRG = Basking In Reflected Glory, social science’s acronym for how a fanatic enjoys her team’s victory. It’s too soon to blast on pro football’s dysfunction. The League and its Players Association still have lots of problems to solve. But those problems aren’t going anywhere. So let’s enjoy a couple more nuggets in honor [...]

Go Eagles!

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Super Bowl preparations interrupted blogging this week. That included securing under lock and key all means of self-destruction in case things don’t go well for my team. Okay, I’m kidding. Nevertheless, with thanks to Bryan Tomasovich from The Publishing World, I’ve curated here some recent articles, all close to my heart. Enjoy! [More]