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The Impossible Goodbye

Moments ago, my wife Melissa pulled out from our home to begin a 12-hour road trip to Santa Rosa, California. She’s traveling with her good friend Karin Taylor, who graciously agreed to accompany Melissa on the journey because I cannot. In the backseat sits Lavinia, 20 months old.[MORE]

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Born Fanatic Turns a Corner

I’ve been graced with a deep sense of home — at long last — living in the forested foothills of the Olympic Mountains. It’s easy to feel the presence of Providence out here. That is how I planned it, after all, far from the grip of my personal fanaticism. [MORE]

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Kaepernick made a mistake, but not for the reason you think

If my life in the grip of pro football has taught me anything, it’s that the forces vying for our attention want the stories of the day framed as a binary narrative: winning and losing, us and them, etc. This serves a purpose. Binary narratives fuel our fanaticism (and we’re all fanatics for something, I [...]

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The Flag, Football and more white noise

Today of all days, I want the white noise about National Anthem protests to stop. Day after day, everybody’s losing ground on this issue. Pro football, sports overall and the sports media that feed off it are responsible. Only the fans can fix it, even though we didn’t create the problem. We have a voice. [...]

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Placing a Bet on Teamwork

If you follow sports, you know the U.S. Supreme Court yesterday struck down the federal law that prohibited gambling on professional sports everywhere but Vegas. The news pushes back my launch of an 8-part series about teamwork applied to everyday issues. But pro sports never disappoints in delivering drama, so the 8-part series can wait. [...]

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Statues, Bronze Busts and Abuse: What to do with Jerry Richardson’s effigy in Charlotte?

I had the privilege of appearing this past week on a Charlotte radio station to promote my just-launched memoir about life in the grip of the NFL as the son of a Hall-of-Famer and life-long pro football stalwart. The interview happened less than 24-hours after the latest round of news about Carolina Panthers owner Jerry [...]

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What if fans made the NFL draft picks?

The day might come when you and I make our teams’ draft picks. The popularity of fantasy football, and the opportunity some fans are getting to call plays mid-game on their smart phones, point in that direction. So when the day comes, what’s our draft strategy? Best available athlete? Draft a specialist to fit our [...]

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Prologue to Born Fanatic

My high school buddies called him Big Mike. One of them said after meeting him, That was like shaking hands with a package of iron hot dogs. In his heyday, he was a 6'4", 260-pound World Champion, All-Pro offensive tackle, destined for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He had a big meaty head that [...]

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