Why Sports?

You know an ocean of advertising money gets poured into sports. You also know advertisers use particular hooks to get the biggest bang for their buck. It’s likely no surprise to you, then, that advertisers do a lot of research about those hooks. The subject of that research is you and me.

One of the more in-depth research questions seems simple, but it’s not. Why do we love sports?

Is it just entertainment? A lot of studies suggests that’s all it is, a means of escape, not much different from a movie or a good dinner out. Other experts claim our passion stems from a desire to belong and identify with our team. Still others point to a biological hunger for competitive stress.

All true, but somewhat incomplete. None of these reasons explain why football is king of the hill. Entertainment, belonging and identification are common to any sport in theory. But these explanations are just the tip of the iceberg. The deeper reason, and the one that explains football, is that we love teamwork. Deep down, we know how necessary it is. And we love to see intense examples of that human imperative play out. That’s football. It’s that simple.

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