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Football is an incredible game. Sometimes it’s so incredible, it’s unbelievable.  -Tom Landry I want to believe pro football’s off-field shenanigans are on hold for a while now, at least until we reach the pre-Super Bowl build up, when every story line is fair game. For now, I think we’re in store for some real [...]

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Once Upon a Time . . .

Once upon a time, the culture into which I was born was a source of inspiration. Its leaders were my heroes. The story lines that played out weekly set my dreams in motion. Courage, leadership, teamwork were its core values. But these days, the inspiration is gone. Those in charge (and I cannot call them [...]

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A Born Fanatic’s Take on the Latest from the Intersection of Pro Football and American Culture

Please don’t let this be just lip service . . . It’s only a baby step. But this past week offered reasons to see the glass half full in pro football’s need, as cultural bellwether, to provide a positive example of how to solve social division. I’ve suggested the usual partisan adversity between management and [...]

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