Pro Flag Football? It’s coming . . .

I’ve taken the NFL to task for not making a real commitment to youth football. Yeah, the League gives lip service to some youth  programs. But according to the NFL’s own PR, it spends .001 of its gross revenue on youth football. One tenth of one percent doesn’t  buy anything more than propaganda. Put some real money into this.

But how? The goal is to find a balance between safety and excitement. Does that start with flag football? I’m not sure that’ll work. Won’t fans associate flag football with soft football?

Well, it looks like we’ll get a chance to find out. The American Flag Football League (AFFL) held its first exhibition game on June 27, 2017, setting the stage for the AFFL’s first full season in the summer of 2018. Recent NFL retirees are expected to play in the hope that these still-capable athletes can put on a show and build an audience.

I’m skeptical though. But I’m also hopeful. If the AFFL sticks around, that means it will be an attention-getter, keeping the game alive for safety-conscious families. As for how it fits in with the NFL’s product, it remains to be seen whether pro flag football is just more propaganda, or a step in the right direction

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