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“A powerful inkblot of a book. Readers are destined to confront their own brand of fanaticism.”  

—Dr. Ralph Kilmann, author of The Courageous Mosaic

Michael McCormack - NFL - Born Fanatic

The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat doesn’t begin to describe the life of someone born a sports fanatic.

For born fanatic Michael McCormack, the outcome of 600 pro football games dictated his life. Only when his father’s 50-year NFL Hall-of-Fame career ended did the grip of his own football fanaticism become clear.

Few have learned from football what McCormack has. What he finally uncovers, almost too late, is the reason for his dad’s deep commitment to the game. This book started out as a complaint, and turned into a discovery. It finally becomes a celebration of his father, and the life lessons he found in the game. Inspired, McCormack realizes how the NFL today is actually jeopardizing football — its true values — and why fans might look twice at their unfailing attention to the League.


With the same intractable fixation on football he had at age 10 when he saw the Washington Redskins band perform pregame for the very first time, Michael McCormack is a lawyer, writer, and speaker living outside Seattle.

His wife, Melissa, and their blended family of five kids give him a hard time about his endless use of sports metaphors, but he gets the last laugh as the best fantasy footballer in the house.



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